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Sassy Saturday: introducing my monthly favorites!

Source (flowers): 260 Days, No Repeats

Hey there, sweeties!

I could not be more excited to announce my newest tradition on the Chick Lit Kitchen. I'm obsessed with bloggers and YouTubers who share their monthly favorites: Lauren Conrad's Friday Favorites; Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday; Zoella's monthly favorites...I could go on forever. Anyways, I'm wicked - ha ha, Boston moment! 'Scuse me: I'm extremely excited to be joining the monthly favorites bandwagon with my brand new feature, Sassy Saturday! 

And, speaking of features, for those of you who are wondering about my Holden & I series, I am unfortunately thinking I'll have to postpone it until after Valentine's Day. All these lovey-dovey posts are really getting the best of me! My fellow literature lovers, fear thee not, for the Holden & I series will begin promptly on February 15 with my first installation, Holden & Sexuality. 

Now, for my February favorites! Have a Sassy Saturday, everybody :)

Pretty Pastels


If any of you are following me on Pinterest, you've probably noticed me pinning a lot of floaty, girly florals, pale pinks, and mint greens lately. I am absolutely obsessed with the flirty, springtime vibe (probably because I am just so sick of this winter) right now. My future wardrobe will most definitely include a lot more skirts and a lot more pastels to ward off the snow day blues. 

Shop 'Til You Drop


Aerie has the cutest darned swimsuits and panties I've ever seen in my life. As if I wasn't sold already, they've also committed to an anti-retouching stance, swearing that none of their models are Photoshopped and selling products with cute self-love sayings like "Love me, don't retouch me." My latest purchase from Aerie (using a 20% off coupon I got from their killer rewards program + free shipping for Valentine's Day!) was the bomb. The bralette was a steal at just $15.00 (on sale), and it's comfier than any of my sports' bras (yes, sports bras. You heard me.); I would wear the top every day, its so soft and clever. "Running every day (for coffee)"? Aerie, you know me so well.

A Bold Pink Lip


Right now, there's nothing I find more en pointe (ha ha, pun! "Ballerina pink", get it?) than pink lips. The bolder and brighter, the better! It adds a bittersweet edge to my current soft-and-flowy philosophy. I literally saved like ten photos doing, er, "research" (time-killing) for this post; I'm just so in love. Emma Stone does a pink lip better than everyone, and I love how edgy yet femme Demi's lip looks with her darker wardrobe. And, on a side note, all of these lovely ladies are wonderful role models - if they weren't, I wouldn't have shown them. Promise.

Scent of the Moment

Source: Beauty Blitz

I know you're probably getting sick of me trumpeting about this perfume - but I can't help it; it's Magic in a Bottle. It's the Man-Whisperer. It's so sweet it somehow manages to be mysterious and sexy too, the kind of sweet that makes a girl wonder. Your S.O. (and your cats, just sayin') will be smelling you all. Night. Long. All night. Get 1 oz for $54.00 at Sephora.

The V-Day Gift Every Girl Deserves

Source: Nordstrom

I saw this on Pinterest and wasn't sure whether to die or cry; it was so precious and sweet! If someone bought me this, I might just fall in love with them. I kid you not. Every girl ought to have a guy or gal who will invest in this little reminder; if not then their moms, dads, best friends, dogs, or cats should - or, seriously, just get it for yourself. You're a strong, independent woman. Who better to swear your love to than you? Click here to get it for $62.00 at Nordstrom! (Plus free shipping - who doesn't love that?!)

All I Want for Valentine's Day is...

Source: Forever 21

PJs! Did you see this coming after my Lazy Girl Style for Valentine's Day post? Mike asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I flocked straight to the sleepwear department to scout one of my two favorite things: jammies and candles. I simply couldn't resist the adorably cheeky saying. (And I know he won't be able to resist the price...what can I say? I've got cheap taste!) Snag them for just $12.90 (oh, the bargain! Simply irresistible) at Forever 21!

My New Mantra

Source: Luben

I love this happy donut so much, I set him as my background on my laptop. It's the best reminder to eff dieting and worry more about the sprinkles of joy into my life! (Pun completely intended.)

Favorite Blog Post - Chocolate Chip Pancakes 
From This Gal Cooks
Source: This Gal Cooks

Okay, so I could rant for hours simply about the flawless appearance of Julie's blog - her logo is the shiz, and I love her coral-and-stripes combo - but what I'm really here to talk about is her pancakes. Man, are they good. I cannot possibly emphasize enough how good they are. If you wanna check out my finished results, see my Instagram post; otherwise, I command you: click here and go straight to This Gal Cooks, now! YOU NEED THESE PANCAKES. THESE PANCAKES NEED YOU. This has been a PSA for all CLK readers and internet lurkers. Thank you.

Favorite YouTube Video - How counting your blessings can change your life 
From Gala Darling
Source: YouTube

Like Gala, I truly believe that gratitude has the ability to change anyone's life for the better. I love her clever idea of "tricking" family and lovers into participating in your daily gratitude practice - only a fellow evil genius could have come up with something so brilliant! This video is a must-see for anyone and everyone looking for an extra dose of happiness in their life, or simply seeking to elevate their preexisting gratitude rituals. But, at the very least, you should watch it because Gala is simply a dear. (And speaking of pink lips, she totally ties with Emma Stone for the best of the best!)

Anyhoo, those were a few (okay, a lot) of my favorite things for the month of February. I could not be more excited to implement this feature here on the Chick Lit Kitchen - and I'm practically bouncing up and down thinking of all the cool Valentines' themed posts I've got lined up for ya'll! I've got a romantic recipe for two, 14 charitable gifts, and book reviews galore, so stay tuned, check back often, and as always, thank you for reading :) I love you all (especially YOU - you know who you are!) and hope that each and every one of you has a super rest of your Sassy Saturday! 

XOXO, Haley.

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